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The Web Doctor

Brian Platz
The Web Doctor
Salem, Oregon
(503) 373-4728
(503) 373-9848 (Fax)

GSA Vendor: GS-35F-0257U


The Web Doctor is a computer consulting company offering full service consulting on information technology and its application to business solutions. Our primary business model focuses on database design, custom software development, IT consulting, and all aspects of web services and web site design.

Professional Flash Development
We have produced a variety Flash modules/aplets for clients ranging from Flash banners or site headers to Flash Intro or Home pages to full blown 100% Flash/Action-Script based touch-screen kiosks for trade shows.

We have extensive experience in actionscript development, which is an advanced programming language for flash development. Because we work in actionscript, our flash sites can utilise dynamic content and are easily updateable, unlike most traditional flash movies which are fixed animations.

Using flash design can greatly improve the interactivity and appearance of your site.
Here are some examples of how to use Flash on your web site:

Flash Slide Shows
Flash Music Players
Dyanmic/Updatable Flash Websites - Dynamic Content driven from a database or XML files
Flash Banner Ads
Flash Into and/or Home Pages

Contact The Web Doctor Today. We offer a FREE Initial Consultation. Lets Discuss Your Ideas.

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